About Snacks

In the mid-2000’s I inherited an old Dodge cargo van from my Grandmother’s small antiques business in Northern California.  Though I always had a healthy aversion to consumerism, my grandmother’s antiquing van provided a combination of contemplation, adventure, and sustenance that was grounding and familial.

My partner and I developed a fascination with driving the van through San Francisco’s many neighborhoods on the last Sunday of each month – often discovering antique and modernist furnishings, uniques, and art objects that we jokingly called “street snacks.”  Those that we couldn’t keep, we’d sell to our friends and folks we’d meet.  As our collection, sources, and clients grew, a small business took shape that has brought us many great roadtrips, new friends, and an ever-changing collection of objects, furnishings, art, and apparel that we offer to all who stumble upon us.  It is my deepest wish that any sustenance or success that may result from selling old things be of benefit to others through the furthering of wisdom, art, and social revolutions when appropriate.

Snacks Antiques & Vintage is now headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.  We have a small workshop & warehouse space to house our collection that is open to the public by appointment.  We ship worldwide and offer local delivery services in the Milwaukee Area by way of Grandma’s old work van.


Benjamin Sherwyn, Owner
(414) 204-7210